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Older Children: Peace Massage Story Sep 29, 2023

Older Children: Peace Massage Story

Feel free to follow along and share this Story Massage for Older Children and Adults, demonstrated in English by Una Curran. The accompanying documents are all available free of charge in the Childrens Resources Library back on the Home Page.

Older Children’s Story Massage with Una Curran (English)

My name is Una Curran and I live in County Meath in Ireland. I am a busy Mum to three teenagers and I am a Well-being teacher for children and adults in many different settings. I trained as a Primary teacher in the UK and I taught in London for eight years before moving back to Ireland. I was lucky to find the Early Focus Project which is based in Inner city Dublin 8 and I began working within the project supporting children with social, emotional and behaviour needs. Through Early Focus I found out about the Story Massage Programme. I am a very visual and practical learner as I am dyslexic and Story Massage just made sense to me straight away.

I have been delighted to work with Lizzie and Mary on this exciting project for the Pro-Touch Movement. I really enjoy writing massage stories for different themes so I was happy to help with developing them for Pro Touch Awareness Month. It became a family project in this house as my husband translated the massage story into Irish and we had lots of practice sessions! My children have all grown up with the Story Massage Programme as I went into their school to teach well-being and they now help me on my workshops.

The first time I worked in an all boys school in Dublin I was unsure of how sharing massage stories would work with the older boys. But it was great to see how the boys benefitted from deep pressure which helped with their self-regulation.

My eldest daughter is autistic and this has led to me meeting and working with so many great autistic children and adults through Little Seeds Social group. Recently I have also been lucky enough to start working young adults from Louth Meath Down Syndrome charity.

If you would like to see more of my work my Facebook page is Finding Your Wings Wellbeing with Una Curran

and my Instagram page is

You can support the Pro-Touch Movement by taking a Pro-Touch Pledge here –

… and/or purchasing our fundraising merchandise here –

Thank you so much!