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Hungarian: Peace - What Would Lizzie Do? Sep 28, 2023

Hungarian: Peace - What Would Lizzie Do?

Feel free to follow along and share this beautiful Story Massage for Younger Children, demonstrated in Hungarian by Boglárka Tóth-Bagosi. The accompanying documents are all available free of charge in the Childrens Resources Library back on the Home Page. Let's spread peace and love around the world with Lizzie Ladybird...

Younger Children’s Story Massage with Boglárka Tóth-Bagosi (Hungarian)

My name is Boglárka Tóth-Bagosi, and I nurture people through my little business called Bee’s Holistics  I call the therapy room my ‘safe cave’, where I invite my clients to get grounded, provide for them the time and space with a range of holistic therapies to feel seen, heard and have their needs met though the power and the many benefits of a holistic massage experience.

I live in Birmingham, in the West Midlands. I moved to the UK 16 years ago from Hungary and eventually stayed here. My video demonstration of the Lizzie Ladybird ‘Peace’ massage story is in my mother tongue, Hungarain. I feel proud to present this with my younger daughter. It is a very powerful answer to my prayers in order to be as authentic as possible in every single aspect of my life, including work.

I have been supporting my local community throughout the years by various things, such as volunteering to give mini treatments in order to raise money for the parish of my daughters’ primary at the parish fete. I also offer treatments as prizes at school events for other schools as well. I started doing this consciously after the pandemic to help build trust and community again. It makes me so grateful that people see the great value in these treatments. I have also volunteered to talk about what I do during the National Career week at my kids primary school and involved the children to experience massage, engage with their breath and have the opportunity to ask questions and explore how amazing this career can be and how we can physically touch people’s life though holistic massages. I am always happy to give mini Indian Head Massage treatments to carers at Carers Day events around my local area, where carers can enjoy a few minutes of reconnecting with themselves, catch their breath and just enjoy to be cared for.

For this October’s Pro-Touch Awareness Month I decided to run a fund-raiser for the Young at Heart Children's Charity in Birmingham to celebrate all those amazing superheroes who rock their scar and share their smile after open heart surgery. I’m also celebrating the amazing volunteers who care for them, giving them all the support they need along their recovery journey and beyond. I am looking forward to arranging an opportuity to share this special massage story with them in English and with Hungarian communities around Birmingham in Hungarian.

You can support the Pro-Touch Movement by taking a Pro-Touch Pledge here –

… and/or purchasing our fundraising merchandise here –

Thank you so much!