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Greek: Peace - What Would Lizzie Do? Sep 28, 2023

Greek: Peace - What Would Lizzie Do?

Feel free to follow along and share this beautiful Story Massage for Younger Children, demonstrated in Greek by Naya Alexiou. The accompanying documents are all available free of charge in the Childrens Resources Library back on the Home Page. Let's spread peace and love around the world with Lizzie Ladybird...

Younger Children’s Story Massage with Naya Alexiou (Greek)

My name is Naya Alexiou. I am originally from Greece, so I am very happy to be a Pro-Touch Ambassador and share the Lizzie Ladybird ‘Peace’ massage story in Greek as part of the Pro-Touch Movement. Indeed, I filmed my video in Greece during the summer! I live in the UK and work as Lead of Complex Needs (Teaching and Learning Area) at a Special School in Hackney, London.

As part of my role, I support Learning Support Assistants sharing massage stories in four different classes for pupils with complex needs and Severe Learning Difficulties.  It is wonderful to see how positive touch activities help our pupils to form better relationships especially as everyone has such fun in the sessions.

We choose the most comfortable and appropriate position for each child. This might be beanbags for those that are able to walk, or beds/mattresses or physio equipment for wheelchair users. It is a great opportunity for children to have a change of position during the day.

I love creating colourful and simple resources to support my work and I share these on my Special Education Classroom Instagram and Facebook pages ( so they are readily available for everyone. For example, I have created visual supports for children and young people to give permission and choose the area of their body to be massaged. This is such a vital part of positive connection with others.

We also incorporate Pupil’s Voice visuals at the end of our sessions so children can indicate whether they enjoyed the massage story. I am looking forward to sharing the Lizzie Ladybird ‘Peace’ story with them and getting their feedback.

You can support the Pro-Touch Movement by taking a Pro-Touch Pledge here –

… and/or purchasing our fundraising merchandise here –

Thank you so much!